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Board games & buds: A match made in heaven

We’re a nomadic board game service in NYC & Long Island.
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Games on Deck


To build walls and fortify your people is the name of the game in Alahmbra. In this game you slowly build your own fortified city. Each player pulls for a shared pool of city tiles. Each tile counts to a specifc tile type and at the end of each 4 rounds players score points on whomever has the most of a specfic tile type. 

This game feels intuituve while also does a great job visualizing your progress in an easy to glance way. 

(2-6 Players/ 45-60 minutes)


Sagrada is a fun mix of luck and strategy. You are bringing together pieces of a stained glass window in hopes of scoring the most points. Each window is different and the pieces of the window are made of different colored dice. 

Rolling the multicolored dice is satisfying and there is just enough layers of strategy to keep each game unique. Try out Sagrada if you enjoy solving a puzzles with a dash of chance thrown in.


(1-4 Players/ 45 minutes)

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Does this game's title hit too close to home?

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a fantastic party game that has people taking turns being the Curator. The Curator tells all players but one to draw a specific picture. At least one person is a Fake Artist. In the end all players vote on who the Fake Artist is. If they do all vote for the fake artist but the Fake artist can guess the picture, then the Fake Artist wins. 

Fun and simple, this game is a winner for everyone. 

(5-10 Player/  15-30 minutes)

Fake Artist.PNG


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Types of Events
  • Base event is 10-15 Players for 3-5 hours. We provide custom game choices and interactive contests as well as teach players new games. 
  • Community & Church Functions
  • Reunion/ Parties
  • Corporate Engagment
  • Conventions and Festivals
  • Camps Kids and Adults
  • Bars/Cafe/Restaurants
We also offer larger group options. Send us a request with details and we will get back to you right away : )

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