Board games & buds: A match made in heaven

We’re a nomadic board game meet-up in NYC & Long Island.
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Games on Deck


Beautifuly illustrated and easily learned, Skull is a game that has you and friends flipping over cards to reveal the flowers underneath. But be careful. Some cards may actually have a Skull. Win the game by betting on how many flowers you can safely reveal.

(3-6 Players)

War Chest

The King's General bestowed on the young Prince the tools needed to become a true strategist. In this War Chest you too can learn to be a great general. 

War Chest has you take control of 4 unique units to capture points on a board. Simple but deep in unit interaction War Chest is a great game for those who enjoy Chess and Onitma. 


(2-4 Players)

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Does this game's title hit too close to home?

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a fantastic party game that has people taking turns being the Curator. The Curator tells all players but one to draw a specific picture. At least one person is a Fake Artist. In the end all players vote on who the Fake Artist is. If they do all vote for the fake artist but the Fake artist can guess the picture, then the Fake Artist wins. 

Fun and simple, this game is a winner for everyone. 

(5-10 Players)


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Types of Events
  • Base event is 10-15 Players for 3-5 hours. We provide custom game choices and interactive contests as well as teach players new games. 
  • Community & Church Functions
  • Reunion/ Parties
  • Corporate Engagment
  • Conventions and Festivals
  • Camps Kids and Adults
  • Bars/Cafe/Restaurants
We also offer larger group options. Send us a request with details and we will get back to you right away : )

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